About us

Dearest Customer,

Just a bit of history about ourselves and our brand- Shana Laub had always been passionate about fashion...

And then she had 3 little girls. Shopping for children's clothes had become quite the hobby for Shana, prompting her to open a children's boutique, Shan and Toad.

Already receiving rave reviews and garnering a style-conscious clientele, we have become the go-to for the fashion forward. A new style was born as glamorous looks and fine craftsmanship were discovered. Both elegant and chic, our collections are redefining children's fashion.

Realizing that each child is unique, we draw inspiration from the children themselves. Our clothes are refined and unusual. We take pride in providing our customers with unique pieces that are classical yet contemporary at the same time. We cordially invite you to experience the joy of transforming your little toad into a prince or princess charming.

If you have photos or anything you'd like to share, we'd love to hear from you! info@shanandtoad.com

Looking forward to pleasing you.

Shan and Toad

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