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9월 13, 2019 3 min read


It’s true. Stylish kids posing (candidly more or less) on Instagram is a discerning fact in today’s fashion world. Manon (8), charmingly cool in Douuod “Spangled Sequin Skirt + “Dandelion Dreams Bow Suntop” from Hucklebones—and Oki (6), decked in Wolf and Rita “Elsa Striped Culottes,” a sibling duo over at @pasteque_retro, are among the newest, yet much sought after kids on our radar. Their full out play and expressiveness in their signature style of “layerings” make kidswear come alive!

So it’s interesting to know whose behind all the creative work. Let’s simply put it this way:

Mom? check! Personal Stylist? check!

What a considerable idea to have your very own personal stylist whom you also call mom— simultaneously passing your snacks in between photoshoots. Lying in the comfort of their mom alongside their dreams of making their mark in fashion? It seems like a rewarding journey ahead for this team. 

We had the pleasure of interviewing, Noriko, mom of the dynamic pair and former fashion stylist in London and Paris. Now it all makes sense.

Her take on style preference is clearly seen on how she showcase looks on Manon and Oki—quirky, eccentric, and textured layering; rather than simple and ordinary. It’s hysterical and so fun to watch, as we admittedly click refresh eager to see what’s next. 

They’ve been living in Shanghai since 2009. And these days Shanghai has been changing rapidly. All the old streets and local areas are closed down. 

“So I thought it might be interesting to shoot my kids in Shanghai’s local streets before they disappear,” said Noriko, who started @pasteque_retro to help her oldest, Manon, facilitate her hopes of becoming a model. Indeed, Instagram after all has become an open space—allowing the youngest of dreamers to set the stage to reach loyal supporters. 

 “Little by little, reputable children's brands, and PR began sending us outfits from around the country. So I'm so glad to have the opportunity to express my styling on IG,” Noriko continued.

Talk about partnering with your kids! We dig it. Now, let’s hear from the siblings with some Q&A to get to know them a bit more.

 Q: Your self expressions animated in your pictures got us wondering—can you tell us ONE word that best describes you? 

 M: Cool

O: Sassy

 Q: What a fun pair you are! What do you love most about your sibling?

 M: I love that Oki has a cute smile.

O: I love that Manon laughs a lot.

 Q: We all need style advice every now and then. Can you share with us some of yours?

M: Do not use too much colors. Select maximum of 3.

O: Only choose the outfit that "spark joy”. Never wear an outfit that isn’t true to your taste.

Q: If you could only eat one thing for a whole week, what would you choose?

 M: Sushi. I love Sushi & Sashimi so much!!

O: Ice Cream. I love anything sweet! (N: Sometimes when he isn’t in the mood for shooting, I need to buy some sweets to motivate him).

Q: What do you want to be when you grow up?

 M: A painter, an artist, or a fashion model 

 O: A football player 

Q: What’s your favorite piece of clothing from Shan and Toad and why?

M: A blue floral shirt & a skirt set up by East End Highlanders (N: Manon’s favorite color is blue, and those beautiful deep blue set makes her look gorgeous and classy).

O: Khaki shorts by MSGM Kids (N: Oki thinks the shorts are so comfortable to wear, and also most “spark joy” outfit for him).

Q: If you had special powers what would it be?

M: I don’t want any special power, but I want “Doraemon” as a friend! He can help me anytime I want, and he will be along with me forever!

O: I want to be Oki the Necrozma from Pokemon!

Well there you have it. It's safe to say that sometimes it’s kids who can pull off more styles than we could ever pull together! So don't forget to check out their grid for your next style inspo. Have a happy weekend friends!

Andrea fejer
Andrea fejer

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